After working for one of the most respected magazines about the yachting industry for over a decade, I declared that I was starting my own agency, and that I wanted to be a book designer. Over the next ten years I was retained to design and publish five books through my agency. Each one is special in its own way.
Above are a few conceptual covers I designed for a Nestlé USA retrospective book.
True Stories of Adventure, Drama and Tragedy at Sea is a collection of ten short stories from around the globe that captivate the reader. From hurricanes and pirates to sinkings and crocodiles, the true stories are something you'll never forget. Written by yachting industry veterans Buddy Haack and Doug Hoogs.
It was a pleasure to design An American Classic: The Yachts and Ships of Jack Hargrave. Commissioned by  Michael Joyce and edited by Marilyn Mower, this book honors the grandfather of naval architecture, Jack Hargrave.
A Family Island
Imagine what life was like growing up in the Bahamas in the 1960s and 1970s.
This is photographer Shaw McCutcheon's personal recollection. All content © Shaw McCutcheon
Huckins: A Living Legacy was my first coffee table book and is still one of my favorites. 
André Conrad tells the story of how Frank Pembroke Huckins — a storied shipbuilder — built numerous vessels from PT boats to today's pleasure cruisers as recollected by Cindy Purcell, his granddaughter.
The Admiral is an imaginative and futuristic tale of survival on the high seas. Written by Jim Gilbert.

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