Lately, I've been creating self-mailing boxes for virtual meetings and sales presentations. Here are a few plus a holiday gift that was designed to support the Bahamian residents who were impacted by Hurricane Dorian.
The packaging above was designed as a holiday gift for clients. Since the company I was with was a commercial printer, I had free reign to include as many features as I could imagine. The box above included a Cup O' Inspiration coffee mug and an embossed leather coaster sourced from SEP Communications. It also included two Keurig Café Bustelo coffee pods with custom labels. The notepad is Neenah Techweave and coil bound. Each notepad had the recipient's name printed on the front digitally through variable data. The holiday card was made with two Neenah papers mounted to each other after four-color digital printing, foil stamping, and embossing.
This holiday gift kit was designed to make each recipient excited about traveling. The kit features Southeastern Printing's new branding and included a toiletry/shaving kit, passport holder and holiday card printed in four-color and using several tinted foils. 
This kit was designed for Nova Southeastern University to welcome new students.

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